Effect of Garcinia Cambogia as Weight Reducing Agents on the Morphology of Liver of Albino Mice in Pakistan

  • Ponum Mirani Multan Medical and Dental College Multan, Pakistan.
  • Gul Afshan Demonstrator, King Edward Medical University, Lahore, Pakistan.
  • Faiza Mehboob Associate Professor, Multan Medical and Dental College, Multan, Pakistan.
  • Muhammad Muzammil Senior Registrar, Bakhtawar Amin Medical and Dental College, Multan, Pakistan.
  • Muhammad Kamran Ameer Associate Professor, Multan Medical and Dental College, Multan.
  • Komal Mirani MS Obstetrics & Gynecology, Post Graduate Resident at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad.
Keywords: Obesity, Pharmacological, Weight, Herbal, Garcinia Cambogia


Background: Obesity is growing continuously, and people opt for pharmacological therapies, which might have negative side effects.

Objective: To study the effect of Garcinia Cambogia on body weight and safety profile regarding the morphology of the liver in albino mice.

Methodology: This animal experimental study was conducted on, Ninety male albino mice were used by diving into three groups containing thirty mice each. Group I, was Control group, group II and III were experimental groups, given drugs A (Slim Smart) and B (Ultra Slim Plus) respectively via oral gavage. Each group was further subdivided into subgroups "a", drug was given for 4 weeks,  and "b", the drug was given for 8 weeks. Control group animals were given plain distilled water via oral gavage tube. Body weight and weight of the liver was measured and its gross features were observed.

Results: Mean body weight of animals significantly increased in intervention groups, at 4 weeks, p=0.000 and 8 weeks p=0.000.  Mean body weights of animals in experimental group II and III in 4 weeks categories were 33.92±3.23 grams in group II and 28.46±3.53 grams in group III. The mean relative tissue weight index at 4 weeks for group II was 6.66±0.67 and for group III was 5.71±0.41, p=0.004, while at 8 weeks were 5.88±0.64 and 5.91±0.69, p=0.713, respectively. When observed at 8 weeks time, the animals of the group I had the normal color of the liver while the two experimental groups had all the animals with the abnormally pale color of liver, p=0.001.

Conclusion: In this study, the herbal slimming agents, claiming to contain Garcinia Cambogia, did not reduce weight among albino mice, and are not safe for reducing weight.