Volume 10, Number 03, Jul – Sep 2019    


Medical Research in Pakistan

Ghulam Mustafa

 Original Article

Role of direct Microscopy in Diagnosis of onychomycosis

Fauzia Sadiq,  Sadia Chauhdry,  Sonia Tahir

 Original Article

Comparative study of risk factors associated with hypertension among urban and rural communities at Rahim Yar Khan

Naheeda Parveen, Shazia Sultan, Shama Iqbal, M. Imran Sohail, Muhammad Shahid, Sadia Islam

 Original Article

Symptomatic presentation and management of  omphalomenteric duct remnants in infancy

Muhammad Riaz ul Haq, Mazhar Rafi, Hina Shahid, Muhammd Kashif, Syed Asif Shah, Muhammad Saad Zulfiqar

 Original Article

Frequency of cardiac complications in Beta thalassemia major patients at thalassemia center, Sheikh Zayed Hospital, Rahim Yar Khan

Sajida Khalid, Muhammad Saleem,  Jamal Anwer,  Raghib Iqbal, Riaz-ul-Haq, Muhammad Bilal Ghafoor

 Original Article

Role of elastic intramedullary nail for the treatment of femur shaft fracture

Naseer Ahmed Ch,  Mohsin Bilal, Asghr Ali, Muhammad Azeem, Saleem Akther Rana, Muhammad Shahnawaz Ahmed

 Original Article

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: Low Pressure VS Standard Pressure Pneumoperitoneum

Muhammad Hassan Abbas, Noor Ahmed Niazi, Mohtamam Nazir, Hassan Mehmood Tabassum, Haroon Rashid, Sultan Ahmad Awaisi

 Original Article

Perception of females regarding  gender based violence

Maira Gul, Sakhawat Ali Randhawa, Muhammad Farrukh, Sara Gul

 Original Article

Frequency and risk Factors of placenta previa in prior ceserean section

Sadia Zahoor, Tahira Afzal Durrani, Saima Zulfiqar, Sadia Younas, Riffat Mehmood, Sonia Zulfiqar

 Original Article

Association of serum vitamin D level and polycystic ovarian syndrome 

Nuzhat Rasheed, Iffat Yasmeen, Sadia Younas, Sumera Siddique, Tahira Afzal Durrani, Riffat Mehmood

 Original Article

Wound infection after type II open tibial fracture managed by unreamed nail

Naseer Ahmed Ch, Mohsin Bilal, Muhammad Azeem, M. Saleem Akhtar, M Shahid Riaz

 Original Article

Efficacy of autologous fat graft as an interpositional material in temporomandibular joint reconstruction to prevent reankylosis 

Usman Qadir Khan, Rashid Mahmood, Rabia Khan,Nadia Ambreen, Saadia Nazir

 Original Article

Benefits and side effects associated with use of healthcare educational applications and websites among medical students of Sheikh Zayed Medical college, Rahim Yar Khan

Hafiz Umer Farooq, Sadia Zulfiqar,  Zafar H Tanveer, Muhammad Hussain Cheema, Khurram Munir, Asghar Ali

 Original Article

Foot care knowledge and practice in diabetics attending the diabetic clinic at a tertiary care hospital, Multan

Ahmad Usman, Muhammad Saad Farooq, Shehryar Asif Malik, Allah Yar Malik, Usaid Malik, Manahil

 Original Article

Value of chest X-ray in diagnosis of smear negative pulmonary tuberculosis

Muhammad Abid Munir,  Saleha Zafar,  Nabila Rauf,  Muhammad Imran Sarwar, Sadia Riaz,  Samina Khaliq

 Original Article

Anemia and preterm labor at a tertiary care hospital 

Riffat Mehmood, Sadia Zahoor, Sadia Younas, Tahira Afzal Durrani, Mahwish Najam, Farhana Shabnum

 Original Article

Audit of dog bite among children at a tertiary care hospital

Muhammad Riaz ul Haq, Mazhar Rafi, Asif Hussain Shah, Muhammad Saad Qulfiqar, Mushtaq Ahmed, Yasir Makki



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